Do You Get Sore Knees When Squatting?

This is a common aggravating activity that patients report when diagnosing their knee pain. More specifically their pain is often situated around the knee cap (patella) or down the inside of the knee or on the outside of the knee.

Anatomy of the knee

The knee is known as a hinge joint and is comprised of two joints; one being the tibiofemoral joint which is between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone) and the second is called the patellofemoral joint which is between the femur and the patella (knee cap). Being a joint that predominantly performs flexion, extension and small amounts of both internal and external rotation, it is particularly vulnerable to injury and loading issues.

Why your knees may hurt when bending over or squatting:

During a squat: if your knees travel too far forward over your toes and you do not bend/hinge through your hips this will place increased pressure through your knees.

How to reduce pain through your knees when squatting or bending over:

  • Reduce the depth of your squat.
  • Focus on hinging through the hips. The first movement is always to bend through your hips.
  • Think about keeping your shins in more of a vertical position. To do this you must bring your nose over your toes, hinging through your hips.
  • Position your feet and knees shoulder width apart and aim to keep the tip of your patella pointing in line with your second toe.


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