• Crippling back pain?

  • Achy knees when running?

  • Shoulder pain when lifting overhead?

  • Stiff neck?

PhysioWard Sports & Rehab

PhysioWard Sports & Rehab is a physiotherapy clinic designed to cater for people of all ages and athletic ability. Our goal is to assist you in returning to the things you enjoy most. Whether it is walking your dog or performing at the highest level in your chosen sport.

Something unique that we offer is online physiotherapy consultations. Sam is also the director of PhysioWard Online. An online physiotherapy company that allows patients to have access to a physiotherapist without having to travel to see them.

Head to www.physiowardonline.com.au to find out more!

COVID-19 Response

We would like to provide you with an update on the measures we are taking to ensure the health and safety of all clients and staff regarding the COVID-19 outbreak within Australia.


At PhysioWard Sports & Rehab we have always had high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in the practice. However, we will be taking additional measures to protect all clients and staff. These measures include:

  • Removal of all bed covers, pillows and towels during treatment. These items are replaced with items that can be completely sanitised and disinfected between treatments
  • Sanitiser is supplied at reception and throughout the clinic for patients and visitors to use upon entry and exit of the clinic
  • We ask that in order to maintain relevant social distancing, we would like only patients to enter the clinic for appointments. This is because we have limited seating in reception and distanced all chairs.

We ask that you be vigilant with your health. If you feel unwell, have a fever, cough and difficultly breathing please seek medical care early and contact your medical practitioner. We are acting on the advice of relevant regulatory bodies and will continue to provide treatment to our valued patients at this time. We endeavour to continue to update our patients where necessary.

A friendly reminder, we also offer online Physiotherapy consultations through PhysioWard Online. PWO has been operating successfully since 2017 for patients travelling overseas or living in rural locations. This could be a good alternative for those wishing to continue their physiotherapy treatment in these uncertain times.

During this difficult time, we encourage our patients to look after their family and friends and to continue with social distancing measures and relevant isolation periods.

If you have any questions please do call the clinic, at any time, on 9913 2632.

Last updated: Wednesday, 1 July 2020

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