Online Consultation

Online and Tele-health available

We accept all major health funds, DVA, and WorkCover.

How can Physiotherapy work online?

Traditionally, visiting a physiotherapist involves an initial assessment, diagnosis, establishment of a treatment plan and then the under taking of this program.

Over the last decade, physiotherapy has transitioned from a manual/machine therapy focus towards structured rehabilitation programs that are performed by the patient under the guidance of their physiotherapist.

At PhysioWard Online, this process has been taken entirely online therefore, there is no hands-on assessment or treatment.

We believe that a large majority of injuries can be assessed and treated through the use of online resources, and there is also a growing body of evidence to support this.

The key is in the history taking (specific questioning) from your physiotherapist.

Online Assessment

Your physiotherapist will expertly assess and diagnose you via webforms, email or video consultation. Following the initial consultation, your physiotherapist will develop a rehabilitation program that is specific to your needs. Your personalised program will be sent to your computer and smartphone using the application, PhysiApp.

Expert Guidance

With this online focus, we will provide you with unlimited access to your physiotherapist throughout your treatment expertly guiding you through your rehabilitation program step by step or day by day if need be.

Sure some injuries may need some hands-on treatment and if we feel that you need to see a physiotherapist personally we will be sure to let you know. If you are not sure if your injury is suitable for an online physiotherapy consultation, contact us.