Clinical Exercise

We have clinics in Narrabeen, Newport and Brookvale.

We accept all major health funds, DVA, and WorkCover.

Physiotherapy Rehab and Clinical Pilates

Clinical Exercise uses a combination of physiotherapy rehab and pilates based exercises to help manage your pain, address movement dysfunction, and improve your everyday or sporting performance.

Using mat and pilates equipment (reformer) we tailor an individualised program that targets your specific needs to ensure you meet your goals!

Why Clinical Exercise?

Unlike pilates, clinical exercise is a combination of physiotheraphy rehabilitation and pilates based exerccise. When people think about pilates they think “core strength”.

Clinical exercise focuses on strengthening the muscles around your trunk including your deep abdominal muscle, but it also aims to target lumbo-pelvis stability (pelvic floor, glutes) lower limb and upper body strength. Strengthening these muscles develops stability and balance throughout your whole body.

Who is Suited to Clinical Exercise?

  • Individuals moving from rehab back into sport or activity
  • Patients with Lower back pain
  • Post Op ACL or any knee surgery
  • Hypermobile patients
  • Those seeking improvement in performance both everyday and sporting

What is Clinical Pilates?

Pilates is an integrated movement system that combines the flexibility of yoga whilst strengthening the muscles you need to function at a high level. It is a low impact approach that simultaneously improves your posture, balance and core strength.

Physioward’s Clinical Pilates services are the perfect way to get you back to peak physical fitness. Our qualified physiotherapists will work with you to create an individually tailored exercise program that is based on your level of experience or specific injury needs. 

Book your Clinical Pilates Session

1:1 Initial Assessment (1 hour)

Ø Designed to access and understand the limitations and contributing factors to the weakness and/or injuries you have

Ø Establish goals and expectations of what you would like to achieve as part of clinical pilates

Ø Baseline objective measures will be taken to ensure that your program is individualised and targets your needs safely and efficiently

Ø Establish individualised program of sessions for the patient to help improve key areas

3:1 group classes (50 minutes)

Ø Combination of mat and reformer pilates exercises designed to improve core stability, lumbo-pelvic stability, balance and posture through increased intensity, resistance and dynamic movements

Re-assessment of baseline measures every 3 months to ensure that improvements are seen and that you are continuing to strive towards your goals

at PhysioWard Sports & Rehab we strive to guide our patients from injury to performance.


We use 1:1 to develop individualised programs, identify possible areas of concern, perform objective assessment to later ensure goals are being met and to familiarise clients with the equipment.

No, our aim with the 1:1 is to familiarise our clients with the equipment and to run through how to use it. Sometimes it is safer for clients to have a few 1:1 sessions prior to moving to the group classes.

Comfortable exercise clothing, socks (with grip preferred), towel & water bottle

  • Initial Assessment: $200 (1 hour)
  • Classes: $65 per class
  • All sessions can be claimed through private health insurance
  • All clients must undertake 1:1 initial assessment prior to entering class irrespective of ability level
  • Strict 24 hour cancellation policy or full cost of session will be added to the patient’s account
  • PhysioWard will provide you with an invoice to claim rebate with private health insurance upon completion of class if you do not carry your health fund card

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