About PhysioWard

About PhysioWard Sports & Rehab

PhysioWard Sports & Rehab is a physiotherapy clinic designed to cater for people of all ages and athletic ability. Our goal is to assist you in returning to the things you enjoy most. Whether it is walking your dog or performing at the highest level in your chosen sport.

Whilst diagnosing your injury and developing a treatment program promptly is of upmost importance to us we also want to prevent re-injury. We will make sure you are adequately supported throughout your rehabilitation. To make this process more seamless your rehabilitation program will be accessible online via your phone or computer.

 Something unique that we offer is online physiotherapy consultations. Sam is also the director of PhysioWard Online. An online physiotherapy company that allows patients to have access to a physiotherapist without having to travel to see them. Want to learn how this is possible? Head to www.physiowardonline.com.au to find out more!

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Our clinic is located at U13/11-21 Waterloo St, Narrabeen NSW 2101. On the corner of Waterloo St and Ocean St.