“I was running on adrenaline the entire weekend.”

A glimpse into the role of a Physiotherapist at the gruelling Bathurst 12 Hour Race.   On the first weekend of February 2023, our Head Physiotherapist, Sam, attended the 2023 Bathurst 12 Hour Race as part of the Volante Rosso Team. Sam describes the weekend as one that “he wont forget anytime soon”. From the […]

Pre-pointe Assessment

Going up en pointe is a rite of passage for any young dancer and while this time is extremely exciting it also must be understood that this is not a normal function of the human body especially the foot! Having a pre-pointe assessment allows any deficiencies in control, strength and mobility to be identified and […]


OA is the most common form of arthritis and is the leading cause of disability amongst older adults. The knees, hips and hands are the most commonly affected joints within the body. OA is characterised by pathology that involves the whole joint including cartilage degradation, bone remodelling, osteophyte formation and synovial inflammation that leads to […]

Do You Get Sore Knees When Squatting?

This is a common aggravating activity that patients report when diagnosing their knee pain. More specifically their pain is often situated around the knee cap (patella) or down the inside of the knee or on the outside of the knee. Anatomy of the knee The knee is known as a hinge joint and is comprised of […]

Sore Achy Feet?

Pain within the arch of the foot is a common occurrence for runners and other athletes but we see it also affecting a lot of people in the summer months. Why so? The role of the arch in the foot is to: Absorb shock Adapt to changes in terrain Weight transfer from heel to toe Stability […]

Core Stability

We’ve all heard of the term core stability but what is it really, why do we need it and are we doing the right exercises to target it?! A lot of the time injuries to the lower back or hip can be traced back to a lack of true core stability. I recently asked a […]

Plantar Fasciitis And Ankle Strains

As the weather gets warmer, we tend to see an increase in Achilles injuries, Plantar Fasciitis and Ankle strains. Changing from supportive enclosed shoes into sandals or flip flops reduces the arch and overall support for our feet and ankles If you begin to experience anything of this sort, we recommend checking what footwear you […]

Lotion Is Motion

Did you know movement and gentle mobility exercises after acute injury has the ability to increase recovery? Generally speaking, after injury continued range of motion and trying to normalise movement has the ability to nourish our joints and increase circulation. This can decrease stiffness, swelling and minimises the possibility of worsening your condition and extending […]

Swimming Technique

You can smell it in the air, summer is so close and so is the urge to jump in the ocean and go for a swim, maybe even have a go at an open water swim race. Swimming like any other activity is a skill and knowing how to gradually build up to avoid injury […]

Growth Spurt

Is your child super sporty and had a recent growth spurt? It would be good to keep an eye out for any comments they have regarding pain, stiffness or tightness as this could be a condition that needs to be managed appropriately. Common injuries we have seen in the clinics recently include: Osgood-Schlatter Disease (Anterior […]